You use gem and jewellery in everyday life. You know that gem and jewellery have vibrations that impact and inspire you into your desired direction and goal. The selection of right gem and right jewellery influences you positively while wrong gem and wrong jewellery affects you negatively.  Why this happens? The answer lies in the way cosmics are matched. Let me explain little more about cosmics.

You have your own personal cosmics arising from your background, environment, personality and finally characteristics that are so unique to yourself.  Similarly, gem and jewellery have their own cosmics in the form of vibration, sensation, tingling, frequency, subtle power, warmth, aura and energy. Before selecting and using gem and jewellery you have to ensure that your personal cosmics are positively matched with the energy of the chosen items.

If you can do this on your own, it is well and good. If you feel that you need someone to assist you then you can count on me.  As a mature and experienced cosmic adviser, I am fully equipped to recommend the right gem and the right jewellery that works best for you.

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