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Your fortune has brought you to your cosmic domain, because this page is about you, your life and your prospects. It also does something special by bringing you in contact with a mature cosmic adviser, who can analyse your problem, purpose and the situation you are in and thereafter recommend you action steps that help you in solving your problem and in improving your life and prospects.

You have cosmics in and around you. These are characteristics imprinted in you, due to genetics, upbringing, environment and personality. These aspects reside within you shaping and influencing your life and progress even though these are unseen and unexplored by you.  To improve your life and prospects, you have to understand and analyse your personal cosmics and thereafter act in a manner in consonance with them. If you can do this by yourself, it is well and good.

Now let us turn to your relationship with others. In life, you are in constant motion interacting with people, entities, matters and events where you have to make choices and decisions. Moreover, you have to strike a good balance between risk and reward or cost and benefit to be successful in all what you do.  That requires, in addition to understanding your own personal cosmics, proper evaluation of cosmics of other people, entities, matters and events. This is a surely a daunting task but if you really try you can do this by yourself.

If you feel, at any time, that you require the services of an external, independent, neutral and professional adviser then you can count on me.

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